The Joint Iberian Meeting on Atomic and Molecular Physics (IBER) is the biannual conference organized jointly by the Atomic and Molecular Physics Specialed Group (GEFAM) of the Spanish Royal Society of Physics and the Portuguese Society of Physics.

The main purpose of this series of IBER conferences is to bring together scientists of Iberian community dedicated to Atomic and Molecular Physics and related areas of to facilitate the interaction and exchange of knowledge between their research groups. Researchers and scientists from all over Europe and the world are invited to attend this conference and share knowledge with the Iberian community.

The conference will be organized in three and a half days with plenary lectures, invited lectures, oral presentations and a poster session. The conference official language will be English.
Past Editions:
1993 Lisboa
1995 Bilbao
1998 Mira
2000 El Escorial
2002 Lisboa
2003 Madrid
2005 Lisboa
2006 Aranjuez
2008 Capuchos
2009 Santiago de Compostela
2011 Coimbra
2013 Sevilla
2015 Aveiro