Conference Venue

Facultad de Química de la Universitat de Barcelona
Carrer de Martí i Franquès, 1-11, 08028 Barcelona
University faculties, which are the basic elements of university life, are the bodies that are responsible for establishing curriculums and managing the university courses that lead to academic qualifications. They are also the units of representation through which the general governing bodies of the University of Barcelona are selected.

The first time that state-regulated chemistry courses were taught at the University of Barcelona was in 1845, in the sciences branch of the Faculty of Philosophy. In 1857, the Faculty of Sciences was created, which included a Chemistry Section. In 1973, the Faculties of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geology were established. Until 1969, the Faculty of Sciences was located in the Historic Building in plaça de la Universitat. The present Faculty of Chemistry building was opened in November 1969.