Please note that you MUST register in the conference in order to submit a paper. If you do not yet have registered, please register now.

On the Submission the presenting author must select the type or presentation required: Oral or Poster. But the final status will be decided by the Scientific Committee.

The Abstract submission online form will be open on Friday, the 6th of March.


Instructions for Abstracts

The length of each abstract is strictly limited to one page. Abstracts should be informative, carefully prepared, with new insights stressed. The abstract should enable the program committee to judge the scientific merit of the paper.


Abstracts should be written in English. The abstract should fit on one A4 page without the page number. The abstract should be submitted in PDF format through the conference web site. Files of no more than 5 Mb are suggested.

After submitting your abstract, you can examine how it will look online. It is your responsibility to check that the abstract is correctly formatted and readable. No changes to the submitted abstracts will be made by the conference organizers. Incorrectly formatted abstracts will be rejected.

Abstracts should be formatted for A4 size (210 x 297 mm, i.e., 8.268 x 11.693 inches). All text and figures must fit within top, bottom and side margins of 2 cm. Use 11 pt Roman font (LaTeX default) or a similar font such as Times New Roman throughout the abstract. This and other font sizes, as used in the Word template, are listed in Table 1.

Table 1. Font sizes to be used in the abstract

  Title Synopsis Body Refs.
Size 14 pt 10 pt 11 pt 10 pt

The title should be typed in 14 pt boldface font and centered. If necessary, use a second line, single-spaced just below the first.

Leave 18 pt before the names of the authors (11 pt, bold) and again before the single-spaced affiliations and addresses (10 pt).

Figures will be shown in colour in electronic versions of the abstracts. Give each figure a separate caption (10 pt) and, like a table caption, it should be concise (see Figure 1). If you choose to submit colour figures remember that most printouts from the web will be in black and white. It is your responsibility to ensure that the figures are easy to read and understand even in grayscale mode. When including figures, pay close attention to the file sizes, to avoid producing an oversized final PDF abstract file.


 Figure 1. Rain in Barcelona during the months of July (red) and June (blue) 

References in the text should be given by numbers in square brackets [1] (“Vancouver system”). The list of references in 10 pt font follows the last line of the text with one extra line inserted. Follow the style of the American Institute of Physics.

Note: The PDF file of abstract should be named as “A_Einstein.pdf”, where the first letter “A” should be the initials of the given name of the first author, followed by an underscore “_”, then “Einstein”, the full family name of the first author. In case you submit more than one abstract, a number _1, _2, … should be appended to family name (e.g. A_Einstein_1.pdf, A_Einstein_2.pdf).


To guarantee being considered by the program committee, all contributed abstracts must be submitted before the deadline (June, 28th). Please note that any submitted abstract, even if accepted by the program committee, will not be included in the conference program should you fail to register for the conference.


All valid abstracts prepared according to the guidelines will be considered by the program committee and assigned to appropriate oral or poster sessions. Authors whose abstracts have been accepted will be notified by e-mail by July, the 6th.


If you have difficulties in submitting your abstracts or if you need any further information, please contact the organizers: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.